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Hi, Welcome to the
Glitter Gang!

Our podcast is here to entertain every week with new stories of trauma and how people not only survive but thrive! As we share these trauma stories we’ll be throwing metaphorical glitter all over that sh*t! We are not professionals but we like to pretend we are

Meet Your Hosts Christina & Juli

We’re just two women talking trauma and how to get through the pain that life gives us all! Through love & metaphorical glitter, lets get through life together! We’ll be sharing stories every week about our own traumas and other warriors out there who have been through some incredible experiences and have lived to tell their tales. Trauma happens to almost everyone on the planet but do you live in it… or do you move on with your life? Let’s dip that trauma in glitter and move on!

Let’s Glitter Through Life Together!

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When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter & sparkle all day!

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